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About Us


About Us


Aktanysh Aggregate Plant JSC was established in 2006 to do the mechanical processing of the production parts and accessories for vehicles and their engines for the needs of the KAMAZ JSC. First, it is involved in production of brake blocks, axis balancer and buckle of axis balancers components for KAMAZ.


Aktanysh Aggregate Plant is equipped with modern facilities and has a staff of highly qualified staff. The production covers 2700 square meters. It consists of 2 halls and equipped with the modern machinery for metal processing parts up to 1 sq.m and testing laboratory. The company has its own production base: a shop, warehouses and special equipment vehicles.
The basic principles of operation of the enterprise are:
- wide range of manufactured products
- highest quality products
- individual work with partners
- clear compliance


In addition to the services in the field of machining, Aktanysh Aggregate Plant takes orders for manufacture of parts of any complexity on customer’s samples or drawings. Please contact us to calculate the price of your part production.


The Plant is located close to the main purchasers of the auto components, such as KAMAZ, Ford Sollers, Nefaz and many others. So we are looking for a long term partner in order to establish a Joint Venture or who are willing to invest into diversification of the metal processing production to explore new markets for operations the Plant provides and increase the spectrum of commodities produced and overall competitiveness on the regional market in Russia and the world.





Adel Hismatullin